BEAMS® Portfolio Monitoring

Preserve Assets and Maximize Returns.

Receive the latest information on your fund’s financial interest in securities litigation with Barrack’s Evaluation and Monitoring System (BEAMS®).

Available at no cost to our clients, this comprehensive online service not only allows you to monitor a fund’s losses in all pending matters, but also assists in recouping all losses suffered in settled cases.

What BEAMS® can do for your fund.

Unique among portfolio monitoring services, BEAMS® addresses institutional investor concerns that:

  • Custodial banks may not supply adequate reporting on their positions in all class actions
  • Too many law firms push too many securities cases
  • Responding to requests for transactional information to every new securities class action filed diverts fund personnel and resources

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To see how our complimentary BEAMS® service can add to your fund’s bottom line, please contact BR&B's partner in charge of BEAMS®, Leslie Bornstein Molder, at or call (215) 963-0600. 

How BEAMS® works.

Through secure read-only access, BEAMS® identifies all instances where your fund has invested in securities involved in pending or settled securities class action litigation.