Beams Portfolio Monitoring

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Monitor Your Funds
Receive the latest information on your fund’s financial interest in securities litigation with Barrack’s Evaluation and Monitoring System (BEAMS). Available at no cost to our clients, this comprehensive securities litigation monitoring service not only allows you to track a fund’s losses in all pending matters, but also assists in recouping all losses suffered in settled cases.

How It Works

Through secure read-only access, BEAMS identifies all instances where your fund has invested in securities involved in pending or settled class action litigation.
Fund selects BEAMS Portfolio Monitoring services
Patented BEAMS technology provides comprehensive monitoring of all securities class actions for the fund.
Fund ensures it is receiving all recoveries from securities class actions to which it is entitled.

What BEAMS Can Do for You

Benefits to Clients
Unique among securities litigation monitoring services, BEAMS addresses institutional investor concerns that:
Custodial banks may not supply adequate reporting on their positions in all class actions
Too many law firms push too many securities cases
Responding to requests for transactional information to every new securities class action filed diverts fund personnel and resources

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To see how our complimentary BEAMS service can add to your fund’s bottom line, please contact BR&B’s partner in charge of BEAMS, Leslie Bornstein Molder, at or call (215) 963-0600.