Corporate Governance Reform

Improving how corporations conduct business.

Transparent and answerable. Autonomous and independent. Vigilant and energized. Corporate governance that exhibits these qualities helps maximize shareholder value.

BR&B makes corporate governance reforms a top priority, especially when alleged fraud involved lax internal controls or a disengaged board of directors. As a leader in the protection of shareholder rights, BR&B sees securities litigation as an effective way to institute reform and implement a framework that ensures corporate directors and executives act responsibility for the benefit of current and future shareholders.

Corporate governance changes come in a variety of forms, including the following:

  • Structural changes to how a board is chosen and how it conducts business
  • Independence for a majority of the board
  • Annual elections of all directors
  • Mandatory shareholder approval for the “re-pricing” of employee stock options
  • Creation of a company corporate governance committee composed entirely of independent directors 
  • Independence of the company’s audit and compensation committees
  • Strict conditions on board actions taken without shareholder approval
  • Compensation for injured shareholders from those responsible for causing the fraud or failing to detect fraud