Barrack, Rodos & Bacine Appointed Co-Lead Counsel in Cheniere Energy, Inc. Class and Derivative Action

6/19/2014 - Following the extensive work that BR&B and its co-counsel have done on behalf of Cheniere Energy shareholders, the Delaware Court of Chancery approved appointment of BR&B as one of the co-lead counsel for the lawsuits against Cheniere Energy, certain of its senior executives and its board members.  BR&B’s work on behalf of shareholders included an extensive investigation into the circumstances of the awards of millions of shares of Cheniere stock to company executives, board members and consultants, and the May 29, 2014 filing of a complaint challenging those stock awards and the proxy statement issued for the annual shareholders’ meeting that was then scheduled for June 12, 2014.  On June 2, 2014, the company announced that it was postponing its June 12, 2014, shareholder meeting until September 11, 2014.  Cheniere explicitly stated that it had rescheduled the meeting in light of BR&B’s filing of the complaint and a detailed memorandum of law in support of a related motion to expedite proceedings.