Barrack Bulletin Archive

Volume 11, Spring 2007 [pdf]
  • Stock Option Backdating: The Ultimate in Greed by Jeffrey W. Golan
  • Does Sarbanes-Oxley Make U.S. Markets Less Competitive? by Jeffrey A. Barrack
  • Stock Option Backdating and Derivative Actions by Regina M. Calcaterra
  • BR&B Welcomes...
  • Does Your Pension Plan Miss Out On Class Action Settlements?
Volume 10, Spring 2006 [pdf]
  • Barrack, Rodos, & Bacine at 30 by M. Richard Komins
  • The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act, Ten Years Later by Samuel M. Ward
  • Who’s In Charge? Lead Plaintiff Decisions Under the PSLRA by Mark R. Rosen
  • The Proportionate Liability and Judgment Reduction Credit Provisions of the PSLRA: A Major Reform Has Perverse Consequences by Chad A. Carder
  • Did the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act Change the Standard for Pleading Scienter? by Beth Targan
Volume 9, Fall 2005 [pdf]
  • The Client's Role in Prosecuting WorldCom: New York State Comptrollers Lead the Charge by Jeffrey W. Golan
  • Making Law Concerning An Underwriter’s Obligations and Achieving Record Settlements with the Underwriter Defendants by Gerald J. Rodos and Pearlette V. Toussant
  • New Standards for Director Liability Developed in WorldCom by Mark R. Rosen
  • A Note on Auditor Responsibility from the WorldCom Securities Litigation by Jeffery A. Barrack
  • Prosecuting WorldCom: Setting a New Paradigm for Securities Class Actions by Leonard Barrack
  • Ruling on Admissibility of WorldCom Restatement Could Have Broad Implications by Chad A. Carder
  • The WorldCom Jurors: What Did They Think? by Beth R. Targan and Lisa M. Lamb
Volume 8, Spring 2004 [pdf]
  • Fixing The Mutual Fund Industry by Regina M. Calcaterra and David E. Robinson
  • Study Says Class Actions Not Out of Control by Stephan R. Basser and Samuel M. Ward
  • Schering-Plough Class Certified by Robert A. Hoffman
Volume 7, Fall 2003 [pdf]
  • Court Protects Institutional Lead Plantiff From Unreasonable Discovery In Securities Class Actionby Stephen R. Basser and Edward M. Gergosian
  • DaimlerChrysler Agrees to Pay $300 Million to Settle Class Action by Gerald J. Rodos, Jeffrey W. Golan and Jeffrey A. Barrack
  • Important Legal Decisions In DaimlerChrysler by Jeffrey W. Golan and David E. Robinson
  • Court Approves “Exceptional” Safeskin Settlement: Instituitional Lead Plaintiff Commended by Steven R. Basser
  • Shed a Tier for Me: Strategic Tiering of D&O Insurance Harms Victims of Securities Fraud by Gerald J. Rodos and David E. Robinson
Volume 6, Winter 2002 [pdf]
  • Accounting Fraud: An Accountant’s View by Daniel E. Bacine and Harris L. Devor, Shareholder, Shechtman, Marks, Devor & Etskovitz, P.C.
  • Barrack Rodos & Bacine Helps Out by Maxine S. Goldman
  • Securities Fraud Class Actions: More Than Just Numbers by Robert A. Hoffman
Volume 5, Fall 2002 [pdf]
  • Accounting Fraud: Why Does It Happen? by Edward M. Gergosian
  • Ninth Circuit Says “No” To Interference With Lead Plaintiff’s Choice of Counsel by David E. Robinson
  • “State of the Art” Claims Monitoring by Maxine S. Goldman
  • The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002: A Good Start for Investors by Stephen R. Basser
Volume 4, Spring/Summer 2002 [pdf]
  • Accounting Fraud: What Are They Talking About? by Edward M. Gergosian
  • Cross Pens Caught In The Cross Fire by Jeffrey W. Golan
  • District Court Upholds Class Complaint Against DaimlerChrysler by Jeffrey W. Golan
  • Green Tree Blunts Reach of PSLRA by Robert A. Hoffman
  • Reform of the “Reformed” by Leonard Barrack
  • Theragenics Class Decision: An Important Victory For Class Representatives by M. Richard Komins
Volume 2, Spring 2001 [pdf]
  • Chicago Teachers Take the Lead in Securities Suit Against Ford by Edward M. Gergosian
  • Delaware Court Appoints Group of Institutional Investors to Lead Class Action Against DaimlerChrysler AG by Jeffrey W. Golan
  • Does “5-in-3” Rule Apply to Institutions? SEC Says No by Jeffrey A. Barrack
  • Quaker Oats Settles Snapple-Related Securities Fraud Lawsuit by M. Richard Komins
  • Selection of Class Counsel: Our Perspective by Leonard Barrack
Volume 1, 2001 [pdf]
  • 3COM Corporation Agrees to Pay $259 Million to Injured Investors by Edward M. Gergosian
  • California Court Closes Major Loophole in State Securities Laws by Stephen R. Basser
  • Institutions Have Much to Gain by Taking Lead: Florida’s Story by: Horace Schow II, General Counsel, Florida State Board of Administration
Volume I, Second Quarter, 2000 [pdf]
  • Cendant Settlement Approved by Jeffrey W. Golan
  • Samsonite Settles Securities “Baggage” by Edward M. Gergosian and Stephen R. Basser