Judicial Praise

What Courts Say About Us

Courts throughout the United States praise the work done by BR&B on behalf of injured investors and victims of price-fixing:

In In re Apollo Group Inc. Securities Litigation, Master File No. CV-04-2147 PHX-JAT (D. Ariz.), Barrack, Rodos & Bacine was lead counsel for the institutional investor lead plaintiff and a class of injured investors it represented. BR&B secured a jury verdict for the full amount per share sought, which in the aggregate could exceed $200 million, the second-largest securities litigation jury verdict since passage of the PSLRA. Although the case is now on appeal following rulings on post-trial motions, the court commented that trial counsel “brought to this courtroom just extraordinary talent and preparation... The technical preparation, the preparation for your examination and cross-examination of witnesses has been evident in every single instance. The preparation for evidentiary objections and responses to those objections have been thorough and foresighted. The arguments that have been made in every instance have been well-prepared and well-presented throughout the case.* * * Likewise, for the professionalism and the civility that you – and the integrity that you have all demonstrated and exuded throughout the handling of this case – it has just, I think, been very, very refreshing and rewarding to see that. * * * [W]hat I have seen has just been truly exemplary.”


In In re WorldCom, Inc. Securities Litigation, No. 02 Civ. 3288 (DLC), before Judge Denise L. Cote in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, BR&B was co-lead counsel for the institutional investor lead plaintiff and the class of injured investors and achieved settlements in excess of $6.13 billion. After a partial settlement with one group of defendants in excess of $2.56 billion, the court stated, that “the settlement amount ... is so large that it is of historic proportions.” The court found that “Lead Counsel has performed its work at every juncture with integrity and competence. It has worked as hard as a litigation of this importance demands, which for some of the attorneys, including the senior attorneys from Lead Counsel on whose shoulders the principal responsibility for this litigation rests, has meant an onerous work schedule for over two years.” The court further stated that “the quality of the representation given by Lead Counsel is unsurpassed in this Court’s experience with plaintiffs’ counsel in securities litigation. Lead Counsel has been energetic and creative. Its skill has matched that of able and well-funded defense counsel. It has behaved professionally and has taken care not to burden the Court or other parties with needless disputes. Its negotiations with the Citigroup Defendants have resulted in a settlement of historic proportions. It has cooperated with other counsel in ways that redound to the benefit of the class and those investors who have opted out of the class. The submissions of Lead Counsel to the Court have been written with care and have repeatedly been of great assistance.” The court also found that “In sum, the quality of representation that Lead Counsel has provided to the class has been superb.”