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Our antitrust litigation lawyers are internationally recognized for their success in class actions against manufacturers and producers of goods and services. Whether an individual or business, your rights are our top priority when it comes to prosecuting those who violate antitrust laws through price fixing or other unfair business practices.

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Our firm has achieved significant recoveries on behalf of antitrust class members.

Flat Glass AntitrustLitigation
Vitamins AntitrustLitigation
AutomotiveRefinishing Paint Antitrust Litigation
Graphite ElectrodesAntitrust Litigation
Polypropylene & Nylon Carpet AntitrustLitigation
Citric Acid Antitrust Litigation
Thomas & Thomas Rodmakers, Inc. v. Newport Adhesives &Composites, Inc., et al.
Sorbates Antitrust Litigation

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