Area of Law: Consumer Protection Litigation

Barrack, Rodos & Bacine Announces Final Court Approval of $110 Million Settlement for Policy Holders of Lincoln National Life Insurance Company

After more than six years of vigorous advocacy on behalf of insurance policyholders who had been subjected to allegely improper Cost of Insurance rate increases on their flexible premium, universal life insurance policies, on October 4, 2023, U.S. District Judge Gerald J. Pappert granted final approval of a nearly $110 million settlement achieved on behalf […]

Barrack, Rodos & Bacine Files Data Breach Case Against BetMGM LLC

Barrack, Rodos & Bacine has filed a class action lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey on behalf of victims of a data breach at BetMGM LLC.  New Jersey-based BetMGM LLC describes itself as “pioneering the sports betting and online gaming industry.”  The company was formed as a partnership between […]

DATA BREACH ALERT: Barrack, Rodos & Bacine Encourages Anyone Who Received a Letter from TransUnion Regarding a Data Breach to Seek a Consultation with Our Attorneys

On Monday, November 7th, 2022, TransUnion filed a notice with the Massachusetts Attorney General regarding a data breach. According to that letter, an unauthorized party gained access to sensitive personal consumer data, including names, addresses, driver’s license numbers, financial data, and Social Security numbers. TransUnion has not issued a statement directly to the public about […]